Sabbatical & detoxing from work…

I always knew the first few days would simply be trying to get my head in gear for going away – tidying study, sorting out loose ends etc…

What i hadn’t reckoned on was how much i would miss work… I have wanted to buzz of answering emails on the phone, being involved in people’s lives, making decisions that make a difference, leading an exceptional team, teaching, speaking, leading and pastoring…

But writing now as Nicola has headed out to preach, the kids are at church and I am meeting the Lord on my own at home (normally I will go to a service elsewhere but logistically today that didn’t work), I have been drawn back to a very simple statement in the presentation I made when I came for interview here:

I’ve reviewed some documents from when I interviewed for the job… one line stands out:
‘whenever i had forgotten the potency of the fuel that come by intentionally waiting upon and for the Holy Spirit of God my leadership and ministry has eventually chugged to a halt. i first saw the need for this on an SU training holiday when I was 18. I was dramatically reminded of it as a Pioneer minister 13 years later. Waiting upon God is not about church growth, results or his gifts. It is about relationship with the giver of life.’ 

It seems such a privilege to have the space to meet the Lord now… social media off the phone, emails largely redirected… this has the potential to be the most significant stage of my ministry so far… Question is: is my inner life big enough to make the most of all this space… so much fun to be had along the way… walk starts on thursday… can’t wait.

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