An amazing location 

I’d love to warmly commend Aylesford Priory The friars to you.  


The outdoor worship space is flanked by four separate chapels and a central shrine that is underneath the covered cloisters so always accessible.  

It’s a stunning location and you get the joy of staying in a genuine friars cell in this courtyard below. 

  The stunning pilgrim hall on three storeys is the place for eating (ground floor) and a guest library on a balcony first floor that overlooks the banqueting hall.  

 I fell asleep in the rocking chair in the library last night at 9pm having read a little on John of the Cross. 🙂 

But for me the piece de resistance was the rosary garden – a place dripping with a sense of the presence of God and backing onto the River Medway. 

   It was well worth the 4/5 mile detour and the spiritual highlight so far. 

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