Leadership lessons – Breathe

We’ve just been reflecting back on the past 4/5 years at Christ Church W4 (Christ Church Turnham Green), and all that may be to come… There’s some things we thought we would do, and didn’t, and others we wanted to do in 2020 that we’ve already begun… It’s a great, but humbling story, one that has only happened as much as it already has due to blessings coming from God, the church family and the wider community.

Blessed to be a Blessing – check it out here: christ-church-w4-map-2016 or listen to the podcast ‘passing on the baton’.

I think through all the activity in the above slide show the key thing is in the ‘breathe‘ section…

If you know how to:

  • bless yourself.
  • receive the blessing of others.
  • receive the blessing of God.

Then you’ve got a great chance of very naturally blessing the community, your church family and amazingly enough blessing God as well…

Looking forward to more breathing in and out in our church family over the next few years…

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 17.16.53.png

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