How do I explain Genesis to my dinosaur loving 7 year old?

I wonder if this is the question that should be behind THE core curriculum for Sunday school, children’s holiday clubs, kidz club and much more besides… 

  What stops some kids going on with God at an early age? After you’ve factored in the allure of sports and an understandable Sunday School colouring sheet fatigue, I wonder if this early intellectual clash of talking snake stories in a paradise garden 10-12,000 years ago vs their much loved (millions of year old) T Rex battling a stegosaurus is too much to cope with too little explained. 

If that’s true this book featuring Tim Keller, NT Wright, John Ortberg etc looks worth mining into and putting into kid language by a child communications expert (aka evangelist). How can they (and us) get what we should/ could/need from Scripture without checking brains at the door – now or later?

Ortberg: I’ve seen “too many young people in too many churches exposed to bad science, shoddy thinking, false claims and misguided ideas” about science, then go off to university, find they were wrong and lose their faith…

And when you’ve written the dinosaur part of the children’s curriculum I’d start on the what happens when we die, why aren’t my prayers always answered, can/ does God work through mess and suffering, and any other sentence that you can put a meaningful WHY at the beginning of that might help a kid grapple with BIG QUESTIONS about faith, hope and God. 
Maybe someone’s already written that course/ curriculum?

I’d love to see it…

2 thoughts on “How do I explain Genesis to my dinosaur loving 7 year old?

  1. Good question – definitely needs doing….. But mostly it’s saying we don’t know alot of the answers & helping them enjoy the mystery as they discover some of the tentative answers. Learning to live with the mystery is something that might hold them.


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