Forty For Forty

So 2018 is the year a good friend and I turn 40. He has a brainwave to try #40for40. 40 things in 2018 to mark our 40th year. 

It can be:

  1.  A new experience 
  2. Something down 40 times 
  3. A new discipline 
  4. A one off event 

So far ideas range for trying 40 different beers /whiskeys to reading the New Testament in 40 days. (Building up to) 40 press ups and sit ups a day and bivouacking under the stars one night. I’ll be heading to Uganda for the first time, and joining a mission week in Cumbria and attempting to cycle the South Downs way. Also drafting a short book and returning to study… plus one or two things I’ll only write about if I actually do them! 

Might even get a dog!

Ideas on a postcard for #40for40

What would yours be?


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