“Word and Spirit” – catchphrase or transforming fire?

Watch this from Leonard Ravenhill…

“I’m not looking for superstar preachers, I’m looking for men [& women] who come out of the counsel chambers of eternity… with a direct line to the throne… the Spirit who ignited this word, set it on fire again…”

“it didn’t take 6 months training, it took the finger of God… why are people so worried about being ordained – there’s only one ordination that’s in John 15: ‘I have ordained you’… If God lays his hands on you everyone will know, it won’t be known from here to yonder, it will be known from here to hell”

If your name isn’t listed in hell 5 feet high, it’s time you got something from God…

People say to me “have you any ambitions?” Sure I have an ambition, an ambition to be known in hell… wouldn’t you like to be a trouble maker to the devil…?

I read criticism about the church, I don’t take much notice of them, but when the Lord Jesus criticises it I take attention…

When did the church ever have the equipment she has today, yet she’s dead and lifeless and hell is filling…

If there’s anyone we should pray for today it’s preachers…

Lord keep me eternity conscious…


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